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Apptitudes Foundation is a Technology company made up of professionals with extensive experience in technology and education, particularly in the development of Apps. It currently has a presence in Chile and the United States, in addition to having professionals from various countries, among which Spain, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and the United States stand out.

Its team of professionals has created very outstanding solutions at a national and international level, such as ClicEduca, an interactive platform for schools, awarded by the OAS as the best innovation in the Americas in 2011; the MusiGlota App, a solution for learning languages through music (National Innovation Award in Chile 2015 Avonni – TIC Entel); or the recent TPRIZE 2021 international award, which chose the MIDE App as the best social educational innovation on the American continent.

In recent years, Apptitudes Foundation has expanded its scope to research and development projects around Artificial Intelligence applied to Education. Under this framework, at the beginning of 2022 the R&D process will begin to carry out the IApptitudes.com project, recently launched in January 2024.

Thus, the main virtue of Fundación Apptitudes is the know-how of the educational world and the technology industry, since since 2009, the members of its team have worked in EdTech companies developing solutions for schools, universities and the educational world in general, bringing carry out various projects in Chile and Latin America.